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The complextion of Not having it!

2009-06-21 17:20:05 by KeitaroTsugaru

Well today I did some soul searching for some of my program disk. Couldn't find any of my copies of slash, PsP, PS CS, Illustration, paint works. Hell it just dawned down on me that all of my belongs are so outdated. My pentablit, my pen, my art supplies, my Dell Dimension 3100 with a wooping 1gig of ram and 3.1 GHZ and cool 64bit internal video card. @_@ and my bank account is reading $120.00 dollars. ...wowh... so many new type of computers, pen tablets, and yet.. i am reduced to crap. OH WELL AT LEST I STILL GO MY PIZZA!!!!

The complextion of Not having it!


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2009-06-21 17:22:22

thank god for pizza and chainsaws