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Entry #3

Slamming my head the desk!

2009-06-22 02:11:06 by KeitaroTsugaru

I really can't belive the things that are going around this place right now. It's hot, i can't draw right now and it's driving me nuts. All I really like to do, be in a nice open space room with great window view and freaking ac. I AM GOING MAD!!! BEHOLD MY INSANITY!! MUSHSHSHSHSHSHSH! I NEED CHAIN SAW TO CUT THESE WINDOWS OPEN! AIR I NEED AIR!!!

Slamming my head the desk!


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2009-06-22 03:19:36

I LOVE CHAINSAWS but anyway if you drew that good art

KeitaroTsugaru responds:

heheh Who dosn't love chains. But thank you very much, Yes this is one of my many works i do. I hate it, but you made me not want to delete it with your comment. Thanks a ton!


2009-07-05 23:09:20

u need to practice.